If you love to cook, whether professionally or at home,  and want to ease your life and take your meat smoking abilities one step further, it is time to move towards smarter smoking. Real-time alerts will allow you to continue with your routine, tasks and having fun with your guest until the food is ready and  pre-programmed recipes will make everybody envy of your cooking skills.

Key Features

  • Track Cooking Temperature and Progress –  Monitor the smoker from everywhere to track cooking temperature and progress while you continue with your daily routine.
  • Receive Notifications when the Meal is Ready – Real time alerts when the smoker finished cooking  the meal for you.
  • Maintenance Alerts – Know when you need to take care of your device or replace any of its parts and maintenance.
  • Control the Smoker from the Distance – Operate the smoker from the distance to make cooking adjustments and get professional results while you continue with your daily routine.
  • Get recipes –  Smoking made smart with a variety of pre-programmed and easy-to-follow recipes.

It’s Fully Customizable

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