Wheelchairs are getting a makeover. Design a smart wheelchair that improves posture, helps users meet their health goals, and keeps them moving forward – in more ways than one.

smart wheel chair

Key Features

  • Improve posture – Pressure sensors in the seat alert users when their posture is not ideal, preventing long-term health issues.
  • Create an App community – The smart wheelchair and mobile app help wheel-bound users connect by notifying them when another user is in the area. They also create a ‘Waze’ for wheelchairs by sharing tips about wheelchair-accessible shops and reporting on inaccessible locations via the app.
  • Fall alert – Motion sensors in the wheelchair sense if the user falls and sends an alert to caregivers.
  • Track activity – Hand-powered wheelchair users can set distance goals for themselves via the mobile app; the wheelchair tracks how fast and how far they go. Users can track their improvement over time.
  • Set goals – Even the simple act of lifting oneself out of the wheelchair can become a measurable goal.

It’s Fully Customizable

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