Imagine a walker that helps the injured and elderly recover from leg injuries, and helps medical professionals and caregivers provide better treatment. Smart walkers are ready to revolutionize everyday life for millions of potential consumers.

smart walker

Key Features

  • Gait Analysis – The smart walker uses motion and speed sensors to monitor the user’s gait, and sends the data directly to medical caregivers or the user via a mobile app. The insight helps the user improve their gait.
  • Social Support – Smart Walker users get updates whenever a fellow user is in their area, creating a social network that also encourages medical recovery through group support.
  • Activities monitoring – Users track how far they’ve walked, and set goals for themselves via the mobile app.
  • Heart rate sensor – The smart walker handles double as Heart-rate monitor – If the user’s heart rate changes drastically, the walker sends an alarm to caregivers via the mobile app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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