A smart sewing machine makes sewing faster and more interactive. Imagine a machine with a smart foot pedal that can track progress, store projects on the cloud, and suggest the next color via a mobile app. Discover innovative features for your own smart sewing machine.

Key Features

App tutorials – Learn new skills with real-time instructions from the smart sewing machine app.
Track progress – The smart sewing machine sends data to the mobile app or cloud, so you can upload patterns and projects, review progress, and share your project with others.
Automated thread selection  – The smart sewing machine app stores your progress; the sewing machine can then choose stitches, patterns and thread colors automatically. 

Manual / automated operation – An automated foot petal is one possible feature of a smart sewing machine, which could let users choose between different levels of manual or automated operation.

Interactive sewing – Zoom in on your sewing, make turns, and watch 3D illustrations of your project from a tablet or smartphone screen. 

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