A smart school backpack takes care of safety and organization so kids can focus on school. Plus, it’s fully customizable. Click here to design your own with us.

Key Features

  • Item recognition – The smart school backpack knows what it’s holding. It can report what’s missing or give the green light that everything needed for school that day is inside.
  • Distress button – If there’s trouble, a child can press this button and parents will immediately be notified of their child’s distress and current location.
  • Built-in scale – Measures the bag’s weight and reports to the connected app if the bag is too heavy and will harm the child’s back.
  • Audio Jack – The smart backpack has its own audio jack where kids can plug in their headphones.
  • Screen – Kids can view their homework assignments, daily schedule, or other customized message on the built-in screen.
  • Built-in speakers – Suddenly every lunch break is a dance party, and the smart school bag is the DJ.

It’s Fully Customizable

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