Smart goggles can include gas and chemical sensors, pulse monitor, led, and BT / WIFI for communication and sound, and a UV sensor to alert the user for a potential danger. 

Key Features

Monitor the environment – Imagine smart safety goggles with gas and chemical sensors, pulse monitor, LED, and a UV sensor to alert the user for a potential danger.

Improve communication between teams – Bluetooth or Wi-Fi add communication and sound capability to smart goggles.

Unique, industry-specific safety features – Create heat-resistant welding goggles that send automated alerts when the temperature rises drastically, or diving goggles that alert users when water pressure is too high. Build differentiated offerings that add new value to their specific markets.

Safety alerts for users and managers – Develop goggles that send alerts to safety managers if a wearer falls or is injured.

Improve operational performance – Turn goggles into a data-based service. Provide behavior analytics which show managers where a part or feature breaks down or stops working. Create a smart system with alerts when a goggle part is about to expire, saving time on manual inspections and increasing health and safety in the workplace.

Protective, hands-free adjustment – The smart goggles protect the user’s vision with sensors that detect visual obstructions and adjust settings automatically.

Worker monitoring and performance-tracking  –  Managers can track where their workers are and how long they’ve worked via a web dashboard or mobile app.

Part of a PPE Smart System – The smart goggles can be a standalone product, or connect to other personal protective equipment full of sound, impact and temperature sensors for complete personal protection in dangerous working environments.

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