Shock sensors and an emergency response system help fallen riders get quicker care and help health professionals identify a concussion more accurately. LED lights keep riders and their horses safer at night. The smart riding helmet helps make horseback riding a safer sport.

Key Features

 Predict concussions – Shock sensors in the smart riding helmet detect when a concussion took place, saving medical teams time.

Keep track of rider’s health – A Heart rate monitor and blood pressure sensor keeps the user up to speed on their health.

Measure jumps and speeds without a watch – Height, speed, and distance sensors in the smart riding helmet tell riders exactly how well they’ve done.

Safer night riding – Users switch on LED lights with a touch of the helmet or from their connected device. Groups of riders can use different colors to identify riders.

Get insight into performance – The smart riding helmet tracks data and sends it to the connected app. Riders can track their performance to see success and where to improve.

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