A smart reusable respirator measures gas and chemicals in the environment, alerts the user via an app when conditions are dangerous, and sends a notification when the temperature goes to dangerous levels. As part of a smart PPE system, or as a standalone product, the smart reusable respirator is ready to change the market.

Key Features

Life-saving technology – Turn reusable respirators into life-saving equipment, with LED signals, gas and chemical monitors, and a pulse sensor.

Filter-replacement sensor – A special sensor which indicates when the filter needs to be replaced and which guides the user if the wrong filter is placed.

User instructions – The smart respirator alerts users if the reusable respirators are being used incorrectly.

Part of a PPE smart system – the Smart respirator connects with a host of other sensor embedded in other Personal protective equipment for a complete personal protection – sound, UV, impact and temperature monitoring and reaction.

It’s Fully Customizable

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