Make safety equipment even safer. The smart lockout tagout opens with a tap from a smartphone, and the same app alerts users if it has already been unlocked. Duty managers and engineers can organize permissions from their phone to ensure safety and oversight.

Smart Lockout Tagout

Key Features

App- triggered safety lock – The safety Bluetooth lock for the smart lockout tagout opens right from your phone app. It alerts you if someone else has opened the lock, or when the machine is under maintenance. The duty manager or engineer gives certain permissions for each specific worker with a simple app.

Easy Key Sharing – Just add names and permissions to the smart lock access app.

Manual Backup Unlock – Phone misplaced or out of battery? Set a manual backup combination and never be locked out again.

LED Lock – Leave the phone in your pocket and see if the LED light is red (for locked) or green (free to use).

It’s Fully Customizable

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