Heated Insoles. Inventory tracking. Anti-theft alarms. Distance and speed tracking. Consumers have become more connected, and hiking products should, too. Smart hiking boots and hiking equipment is making hiking smarter and safer.

Key Features

  • Distance, speed and time sensors – Track how fast, how far and how quickly you hike. Orthopedic sensors: Keep your feet in better condition.
  • Orthopedic sensors in the smart hiking boots monitor how hard you hit the ground with each step. The app provides a view of your overall impact rate as well as left-to-right balance. The live data feed comes with coaching tips, allowing hikers to adjust their habits in real-time.
  • Heated Insoles – Hiking in winter conditions? Activate the heated insoles in the smart hiking boots with one swipe of the app screen.
  • Inventory tracking – The smart hiking backpack tracks what you’ve packed – and what you havent’t – and alerts you if something is missing.
  • Anti-theft alarm – If someone attempts to open the backpack without the access code, the bag sounds an alarm and sends an alert to the user’s phone.

It’s Fully Customizable

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