A safer, smarter way to play contact sports. The Smart helmet measures your pulse, monitors impact to better understand and prevent head injuries, and captures game play data in real time, empowering players with the tools to improve their performance and safety on the field.  

Key Features

  • Hits Measurement – Track how often your  smart helmet gets hit during the game and analyze the force of the impact to better understand and prevent head injuries. 
  • Game Analysis – Follow and player movements on the field and analyze key plays of the game on the smart helmet app to improve your performance.
  • Pulse Measurement – Check your pulse and assess your heart rate in different levels of training and athletic intensity.
  • Speed Measurement – The smart helmet captures real-time data such as speed, position and distance, to get a deeper look into the game you love.
  • Calorie Burn Estimate – Count how many calories you have burnt during training and maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

It’s Fully Customizable

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