Sound filtering. Automated audio reminders. A connected alert system. Smart hearing aids go beyond helping the hearing impaired hear more: they can improve quality of life and give caretakers ease of mind. Develop your own smart hearing aid features.


Key Features

  • Audio Streaming – Stream music and sound at a customized decibel.
  • Connected alert system – Users can choose automated audio alerts for various events – a knock on the door, for example. The smart hearing aid can even send automated messages, such as reminders to take medicine.
  • Smart system – Set the lights, or other smart electronics around the house, to turn on or off when the smart hearing aids are put on.
  • Battery reminder – Users get an automated reminder in time to change their batteries. Caretakers can get a ‘low-battery’ notification via the hearing aid’s mobile app.
  • Sound filtering – Users can siphon out distracting sounds and concentrate on the important ones via various settings from the mobile app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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