With power management, smart system integration, GPS tracking and accident detection and alert, the smart headlight makes exploring the outdoors smarter, safer and more connected.

Key Features

  • Location sync-up – The smart headlamp functions as a digital walkie talkie and shares your location with friends through the connected app. Whether your’e a team of professionals or friends on a hike, the smart headlamp keeps you updated on everyone in your party.
  • Power management system – Adjust the level of power from your light, conserving energy for when you need it the most.
  • Accident detection and alert – Motion sensors detect if you take a serious spill or are otherwise injured. The smart headlamp sends an alert directly to your family and friends to call for help.
  • GPS and digital compass – The smart headlamp uses GPS to keep track of your location at all times. The digital compass ensures you never get lost, no matter what the adventure.
  • Smart System Integration-  Control multiple headlamps from the connected app. Manage light power and focus remotely or turn of all lights with the tap of a screen.

It’s Fully Customizable

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