It’s time to make work environments connected. Smart hard hats track user’s health, increase oversight, add visibility in dark conditions, and can even save lives. Construction, mining, and industrial site workers all benefit from smart, connected hard hats.

Key Features

Keep track of user health – heart rate monitors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors and other components turn the smart hard hat into a crucial safety measure.

Built-in camera and flashlight – The smart hard hat helps construction workers, miners and others view their environment and share images via the connected app.

Save lives – oxygen and other chemical sensors, as well as pressure sensors, alert workers to potential danger before they see or feel it. In case of an accident, the smart helmet notifies emergency units and other team members

Connect teams, increase efficiency – the smart hard hat connects to the internet or a smart app, increasing oversight. Managers see exactly where workers are and how long they worked.

It’s Fully Customizable

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