Personalized recommendations for perfect hair every time. Temperature selection and time alerts. Increased safety. The smart hair styler helps women speed their morning routines and come out looking their best no matter what their hairstyle. Develop your own smart hairstyler today.

Key Features

Measure temperature at the hair – The smart hairstyler contains temperature sensors to hit the perfect temperature everytime and prevent overheating.

Personalized recommendations – With the companion app, dial in the perfect temperature and time to get perfect curls or waves.

Increased safety – Ever drive back home to make sure you didn’t leave the hairstyler on? The smart hairstyler allows you to check the status of the hairstyler from anywhere.

Humidity sensor – Learn how humidity affects your hairstyle and how to use it to your advantage. Perfect hair – no matter what the weather.

It’s Fully Customizable

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