Smart Glasses go way beyond vision. Develop connect glasses that take pictures, give directions, and track user activity. Plus, you’ll never lose your glasses again.

Key Features

  • Bone-conduction speakers – The smart glasses use bone conduction speakers to play music so users can still hear surrounding sounds – useful while driving, walking or cycling.
  • Hands-free calling – Make phone calls with the connected smart glasses via Bluetooth
  • Get directions – Never touch your phone while driving again. The smart glasses connect with the user’s smartphone to deliver audio directions with one touch on the glasses.
  • Camera – The best moments happen too quickly for even a smartphone camera. Catch those moments with one tap on the smart Glass frames.
  • Never lose your glasses again – The smartphone app tracks the smart Glasses’ location, so users can keep track of their glasses.
  • Activity tracking – Smart Glasses track user activity during sports, and the app stores the data so users get insight and can improve their performance.

It’s Fully Customizable

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