GPS tracking. Power management. Automated accident detection and alert. With the smart flashlight, nowhere is too far to travel. Use the smart features to conserve energy, keep up with your friends, and ensure you stay safe and on the right course.

Key Features

  • Accident detection and alert – Motion sensors detect if you take a serious spill or are otherwise injured. The smart flashlight sends an alert directly to your family and friends to call for help.
  • GPS and digital compass – The smart flashlight uses GPS to keep track of your location at all times. The digital compass ensures you never get lost, no matter what the adventure.
  • Location sync-up – The smart flashlight functions as a digital walkie talkie and shares your location with friends through the connected app. Whether your’e a team of professionals or friends on a hike, the smart flashlight keeps you updated on the location of everyone in your party.
  • Power management system – Adjust the level of power from your flashlight, conserving energy for when you need it the most.

It’s Fully Customizable

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