Take fishing to the next level. The smart fishing rod detects when there’s a bite and sends an alert directly to your smartphone. Track catches to record successes and pinpoint winning routines. Anglers can share data on catches and create a community with the up-to-date information on the best time and place to fish.

Key Features

  • Smart Bite Alerts – The smart fishing rod detects when a fish is biting, differentiates between actual bites and wind or water movement, and sends a notification to a connect smartphone app to alert the user (useful for boat with multiple rods).
  • Improve catch rate – Logs details like time, date, location, tide, moon phase and weather, so you remember where you had the most success with the smart fishing rod.
  • Connect anglers – Share fishing details like time, date, location, tide, and catches with fellow anglers, and get information on where fish are biting from other anglers on the connected app.
  • Camera – The smart fishing rod takes dramatic, close-up photos of a catch in action.

It’s Fully Customizable

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