The Smart Cat Feeder has an attached scale to the smart feeding mechanism, which allows you to keep track of your cat’s health and weight while controlling food portions and timings from afar. The feeder also comes with a built in scratching toy, which makes the feeding environment a fun place to hang out.

Key Features

  • Control Feedings from App – The Smart Cat Feeder allows you to control your cat’s feeding by simply clicking on the app, even when you’re not home, or use pre-set meal times.
  • Measures Food Portions – Never over or underfeed your cat again. Give your cat a balanced and monitored diet by setting measured food portions for every feeding.
  • Built in Scale – The Smart Cat Feeder is attached to a mat with a scale, which enables you to easily weigh your cat while it’s eating.
  • Scratch Toy – The Smart Cat Feeder will include a scratching surface for your cat to enjoy some play time in-between meals.
  • Statistics and Analytics – Track your cat’s eating habits over time, measure food portions, monitor weight and compare your cat’s information to ensure its health.

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