Develop a bat that improves swing. The smart baseball bat analyzes the player’s swing, provides insight on an app, and even gives players tips on improving their stance and swing. Make the first bat that helps players bat better.

Key Features

  • Get accurate speed – The smart baseball bat accurately measures how fast you hit the ball and records the data on the connected app or the cloud, so users can track their performance and see trends over time.
  • Measure strength – Impact sensors in the smart bat detect how hard the user hits the ball.
  • Motion sensors – Motion sensors in the smart baseball bat detect the range of the swing and transmit the data to the smart app. Users see visually the range of their swing.
  • Get better at batting – The smart baseball bat and connected app act as virtual coaches, show players how to improve their swing, and even give suggestions on batting stance and posture.

It’s Fully Customizable

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