Imagine a walker that helps the injured and elderly recover from leg injuries, and helps medical professionals and caregivers provide better treatment. Smart walkers are ready to revolutionize everyday life for millions of potential consumers.

Key Features

  • Temperature sensor – The smart hospital bed measures the user’s temperature and alerts medical staff if the temperature spikes or dips too low.
  • Heart rate monitor – Users, caregivers and loved ones can chart the user’s heart rate remotely via a mobile app.
  • Bedsores Prevention – pressure sensors detect how long the user has been lying in a given position, and notifies caregivers when it is time to move them. Alternatively, the smart bed can move patients autonomously, saving caregivers time and assisting rehabilitation.
  • Emergency alarm – if the smart hospital bed detects a complete cessation of movement, it sends an alarm immediately to the nearest medical team and loved ones via the mobile app.

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