The smart yoga top tracks visual stats and physical alignment over time by using sensors to map the wearer’s movement. It then suggests pose corrections for personalized coaching.

Key Features

  • Heart Rate Tracking – Sensors measure heartbeats per minute. It helps wearers pinpoint exercises that give them the best workout so they can improve their resting heart rate.
  • Breath Tracking – The smart yoga top tracks breathing rate and quality. The app can suggest deeper breaths, encourage exertion, and track progress.
  • Posture Correction – A network of sensors in the top map the wearer’s movement into the app. This tracking can suggest posture adjustments and pose changes for an optimal workout. It’s a built-in coach!
  • Progress App – The app can track stats and progress over time, give pointers to improve performance, suggest new exercises and techniques, and connect to other smart athletic clothing items.

It’s Fully Customizable

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