The smart yoga mat gives real-time coaching, tracks user’s skill progress, gives insight into the ideal times and conditions for practice, and offers an expansive online community.

Key Features

  • Pose coach – The smart mat uses pressure sensors to detect users’ stance and balance offering realtime placement and balance adjustment suggestions.
  • Pre-set and customized classes – Users can go through hundreds of themed classes that are pre-recorded and guided by the smart mat, music and all. Users can also design their own routines for themselves or to share with friends.
  • Historical skill tracking – The smart mat measures practice time and tracks pose progress. It can utilize[changed to utilize] this data with date/practice time and even user food diaries to provide breakthrough insights into optimal timing and conditions for practice and progress.
  • Expansive online community – Users can unlock achievements, compete with friends, share routines, challenge people in their area, and receive coaching tips and assignments from their personal teachers through the online smart mat community.

It’s Fully Customizable

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