Smart winter gloves can provide never before available rep, grip, and exertion data for athletes, superior temperature control for those who need, and phone-free music and calling for all.

Key Features

  • Vital stat reports – The smart gloves read wearers’ heartbeats per minute, breathing rate, and skin temperature; valuable information for athletes or those suffering from circulatory conditions.
  • Training tips – For athletes like weight-lifters or martial artists, smart gloves can count reps and exertion distribution between hands, grip, and force.
  • Remote camera/app control – Smart gloves connect to any smart phone. Hand gestures such as finger tapping can control app features including playing and changing music and taking photos, which allow Snowboarders to keep their phones safe in their jackets.
  • Phone-free calling – With a speaker in the thumb and a microphone in the pinky, users can make calls using just that historic telephone hand gesture. Voice activated calling means their smart phone can stay safely in their jacket at all times.
  • Historical stat-tracking – All data can be stored and charted over time. This provides insight into vital stats under different conditions and a snapshot of their progress.
  • Missing phone alert – If a wearer moves more than ten feet from their phone, the gloves will gently vibrate.
    This alerts the wearer that they are about to leave their phone behind.

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