The smart washing machine always knows when it’s time to switch cycles, and it notifies users, meaning no more soggy laundry left behind!

Key Features

  • Remote starter – Toss dirty clothes in the washer in the morning, then start it on the way home so they’re ready to dry on arrival. Or switch laundry cycles at will from anywhere.
  • Built-in scale – The smart washer weighs laundry and recommends the most effective cycle and how much detergent to use.
  • Cycle notifications -No more forgetting the wash and later finding a pile of soggy clothes. The smart washer sends notification to the smartphone when a cycle finishes. Switch to the dryer, or put on a quick spin cycle if away from home.
  • Display Screen – A built in screen will display the mode you are using, which point of the cycle the machine is in and the remaining time for the machine to finish.
  • Energy consumption meter – The smart washer reports how much energy and water each setting uses, so the machine can be used in the most cost-effective way. It can also prompt an upgrade if a more efficient model or addition is available for purchase.
  • Laundry assistant – Not sure what cycle to choose? Answer some quick questions on the app to find the best choice on that specific machine. No more staring at the dial in confusion, the smart washer can help!

It’s Fully Customizable

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