The smart tennis racket compiles breakthrough data about a player’s swings, strength, speed, and habits, which gives priceless insight to athletes game and enables them to improve their technique.

Key Features

  • Swing tracking – The smart racket tracks how many of each kind of swing is made per session. It displays the number of forehands, backhands, and overhead strikes with a percentage breakdown in the app.
  • Hit and serve count – The number of hits and serves are recorded, as well as the total number of hits in a rally and the average hits per minute.
  • Strength and speed measurement – The smart racket tracks the strength of each hit and the speed of each swing, which provides comprehensive data on strengths and weaknesses. The tracking allows for the app to provide suggested methods of improvement.
  • Strike angle tracking – Through sophisticated vibration sensors, the smart racket reports where on the strings each ball is hit and the comparative speed and strength of those swings.
  • Historical statistics – All of this advanced data is stored for historical progress tracking as a coaching aid or for friendly competition with other users.

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