A smart surfboard tracks speed, airtime, distance, and tricks. It suggests the best place to catch a wave based on real-time user data. It also automatically creates video highlight reels..

Key Features

  • Measures run distance and speed – Each wave is tracked and reported, including total distance run and high, low, and average speeds.
  • Tracks tricks – Sensors on the smart surfboard track the height and airtime of tricks, the number and angle of cutbacks, and other performance stats.
  • Maps runs – With GPS, the smart board can map each run visually so surfers can see their path, where they hit top speed, and where they ran into trouble.
  • Local activity heat maps -The app tracks all geographical user activity. It creates a heat map of where most surfers are going out and where they’re catching the best waves.
  • Charts historical data – All stats are saved and graphed in-app so surfers can easily see their progress and identify their areas of improvement. There are also online leader boards for a little friendly competition.
  • Auto-edits session footage – The smart surfboard app coordinates with GoPros or other cameras to auto-edit run footage. It uses speed and trick data to splice together the best highlights.

It’s Fully Customizable

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