A basketball that keeps score. A football that measures pass distance. A volleyball that counts serves, sets, and spikes. A soccer ball that is also a coach. This is all possible with smart sport balls.

Key Features

  • Automatic score keeping  –  A smart basketball can count the number of shots thrown, how many baskets are made and missed, and how many rebounds occur.
  • Shooting tips – The smart basketball reports the distance and arc of each shot. It suggests technique changes to improve arc and accuracy.
  • Kick feedback –  The smart football/soccer ball reports the speed of the ball after the kick, the precise area the ball was struck, the number of mid-air spins, and a visualization of the ball’s flight pattern.
  • Throw statistics – A smart football reports the distance of each throw, the power behind it, the arc of its flight. It also gives accurate data on the level of the ball’s inflation and air pressure.
  • Serve data  – A smart volleyball measures the angle and power of the serves, bumps, sets, and spikes. It also measures the number of hits per serve.

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