A smart socket makes every household appliance remote-controlled, saves money and energy consumption, and gives timer and dimmer options to all electronics.

Key Features

  • Remote starter – Each socket connects to a phone app, and homeowners can turn any device on or off with a single tap. They can start the AC on the way home from a long day’s work, turn off the toaster-oven they left running, or even monitor (and contain!) their child’s TV habits.
  • Electricity consumption meter – Measures electricity consumption, so users can cut down their electric bill, or cut out old inefficient appliances.
  • Timer – Sets electronics on a schedule, making it possible to cool the house for pets while owners are away, or automatically run the dishwasher each night. No need to install any new switches.
  • Dimmer – Allows complete control over the amount of electricity flowing to a device, so every lamp could be mood lighting, or programmed to slowly turn on in coordination with an alarm clock.

It’s Fully Customizable

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