Conserve water and prevent leaks with the smart water pressure reducing valve. Get remote alerts for leaks, frozen pipes or maintenance issues. The smart water pump increases business value through smart features that cut costs for consumers, and digital services through the connected app.

Key Features

Track and monitor water usage – The smart water pressure reducing valve accurately measures water flow down, water pressure and usage amount. The smart app displays the information in real-time.

Remote Alerts and Control – Get an alert in the case of a leak to prevent wasting water.

Maintenance alerts – Get an alert from the smart water pressure reducing valve if something goes wrong

Freeze alarm – The smart water pressure valve measures air temperature. If the pipes are close to freezing, the smart app gives users an early warning notification.

Get advanced warning – The smart water pump app alerts you to Power Failure and leaks

Increase revenue through digital partnerships – suggest maintenance companies and other partnerships through the connected app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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