Every athlete and sports enthusiast knows the importance of staying hydrated. Meet the innovative bottle that answers the athlete’s personalized nutritional needs. The smart water bottle suggests hydration goals based on your personal data, tracks graphs of your daily hydration progress and can be synced with your sports regime. An LED light shows you when you need to drink for easy night visibility. Staying hydrated wherever you are, whenever you need, has never been easier. 

Key Features

  • Smart drinking alert – A power-efficient single-color LED light source signals when it’s time to drink and makes the smart water bottle easy to see day or night.
  • Measure liquid level – Measure the amount of liquid left in your bottle and get notified when you need to refill.
  • Bluetooth connectivity  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connects the smart water bottle directly to an app on your smart device. The bottle sends data to your phone or tablet; then, the app notifies you that it’s time for a drink or a refill. 

It’s Fully Customizable

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