Inventory tracking. Anti-theft alarm. Predictive maintenance. Develop a smart vending machine that’s a data-collecting dashboard of information to drive sales, boost product margins, and creates exciting customer experiences.

Key Features

  • Learn what your customers want – Monitor inventory and track which products customers take from your vending machines to remain well stocked with best-selling products
  • Control Temperature–  The smart vending machine monitors internal and external temperature, keeping products at the optimum temperature. Managers can also get alerts if the temperature control breaks down, minimizing downtime and improving maintenance.
  • Location tracking – Monitor asset performance across locations and restock your smart vending machines accordingly. 
  • Increase customer engagement and brand loyalty –  Create new value and increase market differentiation by showing users past purchases and recommendations.
  • Reduce operating costs – Use data analytics from your vending machines to perform root-cause analysis , in order to understand issues in efficiency or performance.
  • Vandalism alarm: If vandalism or damages occur, the smart vending machine sounds an alarm, alerting nearby authorities and preventing goods from being stolen. 
  • Vandalism alert– The machine can also send an immediate alert to a site manager via a mobile app or web dashboard, for quick response from authorities.
  • Predictive maintenance – Create a smart vending machine which can send internal alerts whenever a part breaks down or needs replacing. Once your vending machine is in market, see which products customers might like based on previous purchases.
  • Analytics services – Turn your vending machine into a service. our smart vending machine collects data. Drive sales by providing businesses with that data to maximize value from your vending machine.
  • Reduce production costs – Get data on which smart features are being utilized, and cut the redundant ones from future releases to reduce production costs.

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