Seebo’s technology makes business travel more secure, more efficient, and more fun by putting the power in the palm of a traveler’s hand. Explore ideas for a smart suitcase: 

Key Features

  • Smart lock – Connects to travelers’ phones, providing easy one-tap access with the app, and sending an alert if it’s been tampered with. Your smart suitcase will automatically lock when you step away from it, making sure your possessions stay safe.
  • Built in scale – Eliminate last minute rushing with the bathroom scale and aggravating baggage weight fees by reporting the bag’s weight – and how it compares with airline policy – right on the app, thanks to a built-in weight sensors.
  • Smart Wheels – The smart wheels enable the suitcase to follow its owner automatically, freeing up travelers’ hands for other tasks.
  • Built-in speakers – Perfect for the soundtrack of a morning routine or a relaxing hotel movie-night.
  • Anti-theft alarm – The smart suitcase knows when it has fallen into the wrong hands, and the built-in speakers also scare away would-be thieves by sounding an alarm.
  • USB Charger – Charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, and any other device with a built in USB charger, supported by a long lasting battery.

It’s Fully Customizable

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