The Smart Sports Bottle helps you stay hydrated quickly and easily, all the time. It monitors the amount of fluids you drink and sends you reminders via a connected app when you need to drink. The App takes planned physical activity and weather forecasts into account and adapts to your hydration needs.

Key Features

  • Track fluids intake– Keep track of how much you’re drinking at all times and receive alerts and reminders when you aren’t drinking enough through the Smart Sports Bottle app. 
  • Light-up top –  LEDs will light up in the clear top of your bottle, assisting visibility in the dark and reminding you when it’s time to have a drink.
  • Personalized goals – Calculate your personal hydration needs with a fully customizable smart app that takes your daily routine, the weather, and exercise into account.
  • Temperature display – The Smart Sports Bottle displays the temperature of the liquid inside at all times.

It’s Fully Customizable

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