Keeping things in your safe that should not end up in the wrong hands? The Smart Safe will send you an alert every time your safe is opened, giving access to a built in camera for viewing who opened it or came near and allowing you to lock or unlock the safe from afar. The Smart Safe will also have a built in GPS so that if it is stolen, you will be able to immediately locate it.

smart safe concept

Key Features

  • Lock / Unlock remotely – If the owner is outside the home and would like to grant or prevent access to the safe, or ensure it is locked, the Smart Safe Application allows for remote access to the lock mechanism.
  • Camera – A built-in camera lets the owner see whether anyone approaches the safe, opens it, or tries to tamper with it.
  • Opening alert – The Smart Safe sends an alert directly to your smart device when someone opens the safe. It allows owners to keep track of when the safe is opened, and by whom, ensuring that all of your valuables and belongings are in the right hands.
  • GPS – Keep constant tabs on your safe’s location. If the safe is unfortunately stolen, you will be able to immediately pinpoint its location for retrieval.

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