Keep track of your performance with Smart Rollerblades. These skates map your route, track location and keep score of your tricks to improve performance. 

smart rollerblades concept

Key Features

  • Map your routes – Smart Rollerblades map the routes you take, tracking data and optimizing your time.
  • Locates via GPS – By transmitting your exact location, the Smart Rollerblades app allows you to share your route and find friends who are nearby. It can also allow parents to keep track of their children’s location.
  • Track wheel usage – The Smart Rollerblades app allows you to track the amount of hours skated and sends notifications for when it’s time to change your wheels (after wear and tear).
  • Track tricks – Sensors track the height and airtime of tricks, the number of rotations, and other performance stats.

It’s Fully Customizable

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