Taking medication is easier than ever with the smart pillbox. This connected pillbox is equipped with safety locks, sends alerts for dose times or missed pills, tracks use over time, and helps you monitor your health.  

Key Features

  • Safety lock – Pill compartments lock when it’s not time for use, preventing accidental overdoses or misuse. Compartments automatically unlock when it’s time to take pills.
  • Alert lights – LEDs flash when it’s dosage time.
  • Phone notifications – The smart pillbox sends phone alerts to users and their caretakers when it’s time to take a medication.
  • Medication identification – A spectrometer detects if the correct medications in the correct amounts are loaded into the pillbox.
  • Missed dose alerts – Users and caretakers are notified via their smart device if any doses are missed.
  • Comprehensive tracking – The attached app tracks compliance over time, and can be connected with other apps or products that track symptoms or health statistics. All information is easily shared with loved ones or physicians.

It’s Fully Customizable

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