The Smart Pet Bed will track and map out your pet’s sleep patterns, while allowing you to keep track of its weight and health. The bed can also play soothing sounds, which provides an optimal resting environment.

smart pet bed concept

Key Features

  • Sleep Tracker – The Smart Pet Bed monitors your pet’s sleep patterns and provide statistics and insights about sleep duration and quality.
  • Scale – Keep track of your pets health by monitoring it’s weight over time. The Smart Pet Bed contains a built-in scale that records and stores weight and health history and statistics, keeping you informed.
  • Built in Speaker – Play soothing sounds to your pet to create an optimal resting environment, especially in moments of stress.
  • Dampness Alert – Receive an alert straight to your connected device if your pet’s bed becomes damp to speed up house training your pet and avoid inconvenience and unpleasant odors.

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