A smart oven that guides users through pre-set recipes, can be remotely started and stopped, and self-troubleshoots, turns everyone into a chef.

Key Features

  • Built in screen – Allows your electronic oven to display the temperature, timer and pre-set cooking modes for programmed recipes on it’s built in screen.
  • Remote starter – Never leave the oven on again! With one tap of the app, the smart oven can be turned on or off from anywhere. Or, remotely get it preheating on the way home from work so dinner can be ready when company arrives.
  • Pre-set recipes – With the smart oven, anyone can be a chef. Choose a pre-set recipe, and the app will give cooking directions while the oven automatically heats as needed.
  • Electricity consumption meter – Keep track of – and reduce – expenses by checking the smart oven’s electricity consumption meter.
  • Oven-on safety notification – If the phone gets too far away, the smart oven will send an alert so it’s never left on in an empty house.
  • Timer alert – No more accidental overcooking. When the timer goes off, a phone alert will pop up. There are also alerts when the preheat temp is reached or when there’s a new step in a pre-selected recipe.

It’s Fully Customizable

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