With a breathing monitor, sleep cycle tracker, and built in two-way audio connection, a smart mattress could be the end of sleepless nights.

Key Features

  • Built-in thermometer – Temperature is one of the biggest factors that impact our sleep. The smart mattress can heat and cool itself according to the optimal comfort of each individual sleeper.
  • Sleep cycle tracker – Monitors the amount and quality of sleep each night, which helps in creating healthy sleep habits. Knowledge is power when it comes to optimizing a good night’s sleep.
  • Sleep-friendly wakeup calls – The smart mattress knows when sleepers are at a good point in their sleep cycle to awake, and will coordinate with a smart alarm and smart lighting to gently rouse someone to begin their day.
  • Bedtime notifications – The smart mattress sends a notification if kids are out of bed, or when they fall asleep. Parents can enjoy a night out knowing the babysitter didn’t let their kids stay up too late, or rest assured knowing their elderly parent is safely sleeping.

It’s Fully Customizable

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