Keep track of your rowing and stay safer with a smart kayak. Record your stats and map rowing routes to measure achievements with your Smart Kayak. 

Key Features

  • Measure speed and distance – The Smart Kayak measures speed and distance, providing you with stats to follow your progress over time.
  • Keep track of your rowing – The Smart Kayak Paddle measures your rowing movements and keeps count of your paddling, allowing you to practice, improve your rowing form and compare with friends.
  • Map your kayaking – The Smart Kayak app can map each time you’re on the water so that fellow kayaking friends can see your rowing paths, top speeds, and even where you might have run into trouble! The app turns rowing into a social activity, no matter where your fellow rowers are.
  • Record data online – The Smart Kayak app allows users to share their location with fellow kayakers and compare routes and top speeds for fun challenges.

It’s Fully Customizable

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