The electric generator of the future is not just super quiet, compact and powerful. It is also… smart! With features such as fuel gauge alerts, device powering management and a USB charger,working with a generator has never been more efficient and reliable.

Key Features

  • Know How Much Fuel is Left – Easy to read fuel gauge that alerts you when it is time to add more fuel to your generator.  


  • Be Alerted When the Generator Starts to Operate – Whether using the generator for personal use such as an outdoor activity, or whether using it for a business that requires electricity 24/7, now you can have peace of mind and be alerted directly when the generator starts working.
  • Control Which Sections and Devices Use the Generator – Decide from a distance which sections or devices will receive power supply, and make sure you are powering sensitive electronic equipment correctly.
  • 4. USB Charging Outlet – Be able to charge any USB device with the generator anywhere and at all times.

It’s Fully Customizable

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