With a smart door, residents can have control of who can and cannot enter their homes from miles away. The smart door even tracks entrances and exits.

smart door IoT concept

Key Features

  • Smart lock – Lock or unlock the door with one tap of the app. Have your hands full with groceries? No more fumbling for keys – the smart door recognizes residents and unlocks just for them.
  • Grant access remotely – Friends picking something up? Dog walker coming or leaving? Give entrance permission to others through the the app.  
  • Entrance tracker – The smart door tracks when anyone enters or leaves the house. Choose when to get notifications, such as when the kids come home from school or when the maid leaves for the day.
  • Built-in camera – See who’s at the door from anywhere. Unlock it for the delivery man or ask the girl scouts to come back with cookies tomorrow. It’s a great way to catch the neighbor’s dog digging up those flowers, too!  
  • Manual backup lock – The door can always be unlocked manually if a connected smartphone isn’t available. And the smart lock can be disengaged at will for traditional locking with remote access only on days it is needed.

It’s Fully Customizable

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