Smart skis are made smarter by matching perfectly to their user, which allows enhanced equipment maintenance and safety and helps skiers track their progress so they can beat their personal best.

Key Features

  • Maps runs – The smart skis map runs, noting where skiers reach top speed, executed tricks, or ran into ice or patchy snow. This feature makes it easy for users to optimize their run.
  • GPS emergency alert – If a skier falls and doesn’t move for a concerning amount of time, their loved ones are immediately alerted of their precise location. This provides peace of mind to skiers and their families.
  • Tracks progress – The smart skis track total distance traveled, air times of tricks and jumps, high and average speeds, and historical milestones like steepest incline or longest run so skiers can track their progress and strive to improve their personal best.

It’s Fully Customizable

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