Skates can know how far they have skated, how many jumps they have made, and how successfully they have executed tricks with the smart skateboard. They can share their achievements with a tap on the app.

Key Features

  • Measures distance and speed – Each ride is tracked and recorded, including total distance and high, low, and average speeds
  • Tracks tricks – Sensors track the height and airtime of tricks, the number of board flips, and other performance stats.
  • Suggests improvements – By measuring a skater’s weight distribution and center of gravity, the smart board can suggest ways to improve runs and tricks.
  • Charts historical data – All stats are saved and graphed in-app so skaters can easily see their progress and identify areas of improvement. There are also online leader boards for a little friendly competition.
  • Auto-edits session footage – The smart board app coordinates with GoPros or other cameras to auto-edit ride footage. It uses speed and trick data to splice together the best highlights.

It’s Fully Customizable

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