The smart golf club tracks swing data like strength, angle, and speed. It maps the ball’s trajectory and simulates swinging condition when the ball or course are not available.

Key Features

  • Swing Tracking – The smart club records all of the vital stats of each swing, including angle, strength, speed, trajectory of the ball, and backswing. It also shows a visualization of the entire swing and an overhead view of the ball’s path..
  • Functional With or Without a Ball – The smart golf club can be used on the course or at home in simulation mode with various types of smart device.
  • Historical Stat Tracking – All stats are saved in the app, providing valuable training information, tips for improvement, and historical charts.
  • Compete with Friends – Golfers can compare their stats to their friend’s or to the national leaderboard by connecting their club to their smart device.

It’s Fully Customizable

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