Get out of bed to a ready hot cup of coffee with the Smart coffee machine. Use pre-set modes to have your coffee prepared the way you like it and when you like it. The Smart Coffee Machine will also help you keep track of its maintenance status and track the amount of water and capsules left. 

Key Features

  • Remote Coffee Brew – Brew your coffee from the comfort of your bed or on your way home using the Smart Coffee Machine app.
  • Preset Modes and Quantities – The Smart Coffee Machine will accommodate every users drinking preferences by storing information on the exact way they like their coffee and in which size cup they drink it.
  • Timer – With the Smart Coffee Machine you will never have to wait for the coffee to brew by setting the machine on a timer.
  • Out of Water – The Smart Coffee Machine will send an alert when it is nearly out of water.
  • Capsule Count and Auto Order – The Smart Coffee Machine App will help you keep track of how many capsules you have left and automatically order more straight to your house as soon as you start running low.
  • Maintenance – Keep informed on your Smart Coffee Machine’s maintenance status using the app.

It’s Fully Customizable

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