With remote activation, thermostat coordination, and ground-breaking energy-saving technology, the smart fan brings climate control to the next level.

Key Features

  • Remote control – Change speed and settings through the phone app from anywhere – whether starting the fan without waking a sleeping baby or airing out the house on the way home from a weekend away.
  • Thermostat – Programmable thermostat will automatically start the fan if the room gets too warm, keeping people comfortable and undisturbed.
  • Remote light control – Use the phone app to turn off the fanlight remotely, or even connect the light with an alarm clock so that it gradually, pleasantly turns on at wakeup time.
  • Motion detector – The smart fan can recognize if no one is in the room and shut off, so as not to waste energy on an empty room.
  • Electricity consumption meter – Keep track of – and reduce – expenses by checking the smart fan’s electricity consumption meter.  

It’s Fully Customizable

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