Seebo’s technology makes casual bags smarter, more dynamic, and more connected to the wearer.

Key Features

  • Forgotten bag alert – If the bluetooth connection to the smartphone is lost, the smart bag sends an alert and even drops a map pin on the last known location. No need to retrace steps; if the bag is left behind, the app knows exactly where.
  • Smart lock – Adds an extra layer of security that’s easily accessed with the smart bag app. Go to the restroom at the cafe worry- free knowing the smart bag can’t be tampered with.
  • Phone tracker – The smart bag buzzes and the LED display flashes if it can’t connect to the smartphone, letting the user know the phone may be missing. For the over-packers among us, this feature also reassures that the phone is in there somewhere!
  • Built-in speakers – The phone can be heard ringing even inside the bag. Speakers also enable safe music listening while biking, and can even sound an alarm to discourage would-be thieves.
  • Built-in Screen – The built-in screen shows who is calling and makes song selection easy
  • Audio Jack – The smart backpack has its own audio jack where kids can plug in their headphones.

It’s Fully Customizable

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