Smart Systems

Vending machines. Irrigation controllers. Generators. Whether you're setting up smart home systems, connecting smart security systems, or building smart industrial systems, with tens of devices or hundreds - Seebo's tools and technology make it easy to plan, develop and connect automated smart systems, of any size and any vertical, and monitor data.

Smart Systems Concepts

Smart Dispenser

Make public facilitates maintenance easier. Smart dispensers use sensors that...

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Smart hard hat

It’s time to make work environments connected. Smart hard hats track...

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Smart Doctor’s chairs

Improve patient comfort by making doctor’s chairs ergo-dynamic and...

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Smart Elevators

For elevator operators passenger safety is paramount and the ability to monitor...

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smart feeder - Seebo smart livestock feeder

Smart Livestock Feeder Concept

Optimize and automate your livestock feeding habits by keeping track of how...

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Smart Smoke alarm

Rest assured that your smart smoke alarm is constantly monitoring fire and air...

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smart shelves and smart shelf solutions for retailers and manufacturers - Seebo

Smart shelves for retailers

Track and monitor products easily with smart shelves. The smart shelf...

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A smart water pressure reducing valve concept from the Seebo IoT Platform

Smart Water Pressure Reducing Valve Concept

Conserve water and prevent leaks with the smart water pressure reducing valve....

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smart vending machine concept

Concept Page Smart Vending Machine

Key Features Learn what your customers...

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Concept Page Smart Generator

The generator of the future is not just super quiet, compact and powerful. It is...

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Smart level concept - Seebo, The IoT Platform for Smart Products

Concept Page Smart Level

Meet the level that can communicate directly with your smart device! Install or...

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